Professional Skills


  • Experienced curriculum writer for the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture having written, revised and/or collaborated on over 40 curriculum documents.
  • Reliable, results-oriented educational leader with accomplishments in curriculum development, policy and program design, research, implementation and evaluation.
  • Critical thinker and problem solver with an ability to assess situations, identify problems, and be creative when exploring possible solutions.
  • Effective Technology Education teacher and Mathematics teacher with 19 years of experience and a demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and facilitate learning.

Professional Skills

Knowledge of PEI Curriculum

  • Led provincial curriculum development committees, designed curriculum, identified learning outcomes, developed assessment tools and learning strategies resulting in 40+ curriculum documents for PEI schools.
  • Developed a range of tools for teachers to help activate the curriculum, map the curriculum, and assess the curriculum.
  • Worked at a Progress Monitoring Pilot school within the English Language School Board which focused on the identification, instruction, and assessment (strategies and tools) of foundational learnings.
  • Experience teaching intermediate mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, health and technology education as well as high school career and technical education.

Leadership and Responsibility:

  • completed a Master of Education program at UPEI focusing on leadership and learning; successfully defended my thesis in the Fall of 2015.
  • member of the Skills Canada PEI Board supporting and engaging youth in to explore the possibilities and opportunities available in the skilled trade and technology sectors.
  • led provincial curriculum development committees, designed curriculum, identified learning outcomes, developed assessment tools and learning strategies resulting in 40+ curriculum documents for PEI secondary schools
  • manage and respond to conflict situations within a group dynamic in a logical and constructive manner.
  • led the implementation of the recommendations from the PEI Trades Strategy (2005) for PEI secondary schools by working with teachers, government, and stakeholders.
  • championed school-based committees (SAS & Technology Committees) focused on increasing the effective use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning environment.

Creativity and Innovation

  • taught a grade 7/8/9  split class; large class size & diverse needs; focusing on a project-based approach, curriculum integration, and curriculum mapping
  • researched, adapted, developed,  and implemented literacy and numeracy strategies for effective use in Career and Technical Education teaching and learning
  • designed professional development opportunities for CTE teachers on new curriculum and challenged teachers to think critically about their practice
  • created classroom design challenges for technology education and career and technical education classrooms
  • planned and implemented classroom lessons, activities and assessment strategies for Career and Technical Education programs.
  • developed curriculum and design briefs to support the delivery of the Intermediate Technology Education (grade 7-9) in PEI.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Developed and collaborated on over 40 curriculum guides for PEI Senior High and Intermediate Program of Studies since 2006
  • researched and developed career and technical education teacher certification standards for the Provincial Certification and Standards Board
  • currently conducting research into the history of technical education on Prince Edward Island for a graduate thesis
  • led the implementation of the recommendations outlined in the PEI Trades Strategy (2005) for PEI secondary schools
  • Developed instruction and assessment tools for teachers which align to the provincial curriculum.
  • Taught 7-8-9 combined split class of thirty students.

Communication and Collaboration

  • recognize and respect people’s diversity and perspectives
  • ability to deliver effective presentations to government committees, teachers and school administrators.
  • advanced skills in synthesizing layers of complex information and data into manageable and easy to understand formats and visual representations.
  • teaching and learning style emphasizes the importance of problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • strong classroom and lab management skills with a focus on maintaining a safe work environment for the students while working on design challenges.

Digital Literacy and Technology Skills

  • integrate new technologies and software, and model the application of these tools, within my work and with my colleagues (e.g., Google Apps of Education, social media, InDesign, SMART software, distance education tools, SAS).
  • advanced technology skills using the following software applications: Google Apps, WORD, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Professional, Corel Draw, Internet Browser(s), Wiki’s, Blogs, Social Media, Quicken, CADD software.
  • taught high school technology education from 2000-2002 at Richmond Academy High School. Courses focused on basic computer skills (keyboarding, diagnosis, and repair), word processing, video editing, desktop publishing, communications, and design (web and print).
  • active member of school-based and/or office-based technology teams. Championed school-based committees (SAS & Technology Committees at Birchwood, Technology Committee at Richmond Academy) focused on increasing the effective use of technology to enhance the teaching and learning environment.
  • developed collaborative workspaces (e.g., wiki, blog, Google docs), and continuously model the use of web 2.0 tools in respect to working within government.

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